11 June 2016 – GI Jane & Testing Week Program

We are approaching the end of our Strength Cycle, which means it's almost Testing Week Time! Our Strength Cycle Testing Week will begin on 13 June and finish on 17 June. To help you schedule your training and make sure that you are re-testing the workouts you did at the beginning of the cycle, here's the plan for our Testing Week:

Power clean: Establish 1 rep max
"Power Elizabeth"

Choose either front squat or back squat: Establish a 1 rep max (Choose whichever variation you did 10 weeks ago!)
Gymnastics: Choose either ring dips or push-ups: Perform 1 set for max reps, 
Gymnastics: Choose either strict pull-ups or chest to bar hold: Perform 1 set for max reps
Aerobic Capacity Test: 2000m Row time trial


Bench press: Establish a 1 rep max

Anaerobic Power Test: 500m Row time trial
Deadlift: Establish a 1 rep max
CrossFit Games Open 14.3

*The "Other Tests" (such as the side plank and inline lunge test) will be spread throughout the week.


A) Gymnastics

Every minute on the minute for 18 minutes (6 sets per movement), alternate between
Minute 1: 40 seconds chinese plank, prone
Minute 2: 30 second wall facing handstand hold
Minute 3: 30 second ring support

B) Conditioning

"GI Jane"

For time:
100 Burpee pull-ups

*Modifications: Burpee jumping pull-up

(Time cap: 15 minutes)