26 June 2016 – WOD


CrossFit (11 am - Noon)

A) Weightlifting: Clean & Jerk
A1) in 15 minutes build to a daily max in doubles.
A2) Do two additional sets of doubles on 90% of A1.
A3) Do three additional sets of doubles on 80% of A1.
- For A3, first do the two cleans and then the two jerks, all touch and go.

B) Split Press
Three sets of five reps with an empty bar from the shoulders.
Maintain a good grip on the bar, push it up from and take it down to the shoulders not the chest. - Then -
Three sets of five reps from the back.
Maintain a tight midline throughout the set to avoid arching the lower back.

Competition Class (9.30 - 11 am)

A) Weightlifting: Clean & Jerk
– As above –

B) Gymnastics: Muscle-ups
B1) Perform 1 set for max reps
B2) Perform 5 sets at 50% of B1
- Rest 90 second between sets -

C) Conditioning: Pound for Pound WOD 3
C'mon... you knew this was coming!
Power snatch
Chest to bar pull-up / pull-up
Straight into: 
Overhead squat
Burpee over the bar
- Male Rx load is 60% bodyweight
- Female Rx load is 40% bodyweight
- Time cap: 15 minutes, Rx is 10 minutes

Engine Work (8.30 - 9.30 am)

3 x 5 minutes on : 5 minutes off
Row @ 16-20 strokes per minute
- Set the damper between 8-10
- Each stroke needs to be a max effort pull, you get 3-4 seconds rest between strokes


B) 30 x 15 seconds on : 15 seconds off, alternate between:
Barbell squat jumps (20/15 kg)
Dynamic push-ups
Prowler sprint
- The goal is to be as explosive as possible on each rep