29 July 2016 – A Visit to the Archives: The Athlete's CrossFit Road Map

Love the CrossFit Koolaid!

Are you just starting on your CrossFit journey? Or do you consider yourself to be an old hand at this sport of fitness stuff? Either way, we've got the road map to help guide you on your journey!

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A) Conditioning: Running
A1) 400m at a hard but sustainable pace
A2) 3 rounds:
800m Run
- Rest 1 minute -
800m Run
- Rest 3 minutes -

*Pacing: Try to keep your 800m times within +/- 2 seconds of you 400m pace. For example, if you complete your 400m in 1 minute 45 seconds, you are aiming to complete you 800m in 3 minutes 28 seconds to 3 minutes 32 seconds
**Penalties: For every 1 second away from your projected pace, you must complete one of the following penalties:
5 Burpees
7 Jumping squats
8 Jumping lunges
10 Air squats

Complete these immediately after your 800m run, your rest begins after that.