10 July 2016 – Reminder: London Box Battles, Saturday 16 July

CrossFit 1864's first Box Battles is less than a week away! Have you signed up yet?!

Get a reminder of all the key details here and just let a coach know if you have any questions.


CrossFit (11 am - Noon)

Weightlifting: Hang Snatch

A1) 15 minutes to establish a heavy double for the day
A2) 5 x 1 on the weight of the heaviest double
A3) 5 x 1 on the weight of the heaviest double, perform a full snatch

Competition Class (9.30 - 11 am)

A) Weightlifting: Hang Snatch as above
*Perform A1 & A2 as a 10 minute EMOM

B) Gymnastics: Handstand Push-Ups
B1) Perform 1 set for max reps
B2) Perform 5 sets at 70% of B1, rest 90 second between sets

C) Conditioning
Shoulder to Overhead (50/35 kg)

*Every drop of the barbell results in 5 over the box jumps

Engine Work (8.30 - 9.30 am)

40 x 20 seconds on : 10 seconds off
Wall ball to high target
Row for calories
Double kettlebell push press
Kettlebell swing, heavy
Prowler sprint

*Perform 8 intervals on one movement, before moving to the next
*Focus on fast, explosive movement