09 Sept 2016 – Do you know what today is?

That birthday cake was SO. LUSH.

On 09 September 2014, CrossFit 1864 opened its doors for the first time...

Today is our second birthday!

Big birthday hugs to you all for all of the amazing memories and experiences you've given us over the past weeks, months and years - you Crazy Ones are the best!

Now it's time to celebrate, Team America Style...


A) "American Dream"

In 20 minutes get as far up the ladder as possible
1, 2, 3, 4 reps of:
Clean (90/65 kg)
Muscle up (bar or rings)
*Today's modification for muscle-ups is burpee pull-ups

B) Bonus Gainz

3 sets of:
45 seconds Chinese plank (face up)
Rest 45 seconds
45 seconds of Chinese plank (face down)
Rest 45 seconds