30 Jan 2017 – Why should you sign up for the CrossFit Open?

The crew congrats Dutch after finishing Open 16.2

By Coach Salt

Disclaimer: CrossFit Propaganda alert – I am aware this blog post is very one-sided, so in the hope of appearing even remotely fair, let me start with all the negatives I can think about the Open...

Negative #1: There is a $20 entry fee, which is a bit of a pain as we all have her Royal Majesty’s Great British Pounds. But hey, there are loads of ways to make international payments, from swanky Fin Tech Revolut to your good old-fashioned Bank. Alternately treat yourself to a brand new pair of Nano 7’s and Reebok will cover the entry fee for you. New wheels and a free entry – win win!

And I’m all out of negatives…

So with that out of the way, let’s get down to it, my full-blown, one-sided CrossFit doctrine promulgation (I used a thesaurus):

Why should you sign up for the 2017 CrossFit Open?

It’s all about the community

The atmosphere in the box is electric during Open Season. All the members get together and cheer on every single heat. Imagine Sarah over your shoulder with her ‘power 10’ or David’s ‘3..2..1’ and amplify that by another 30 members… It’s impossible to not feel pumped as you step up to that barbell or enjoy the rush of adrenaline as you stick a new PB overhead with the screams and shouts.

This year we are also running our in-house 1864 Open Team Competition which takes the community element to the next level. Read our recent blog for more info.

The Open is also a great time to meet and train with members from other classes. If you’re a dedicated weekday 6pm-er, then get excited to meet some of the morning crew. Be warned though… Luke bites!

It’s for Everyone

Brand new to CrossFit? Struggling with advanced gymnastic movements? No problem. For the last couple of years, Dave Castro and CrossFit HQ have introduced a scaled division, which means that absolutely anyone can get involved and compete. The scaled division generally* involves lighter weights, basic gymnastic movements and accessible variations of Olympic lifts. This gives everyone a chance to give the workouts their all without the worry that you haven’t yet mastered a particular movement. Think Scaling means it’s easy? Think again; just go ask Dutch how he felt after finishing 16.2!

*I have no idea what the workout’s in the 2017 Open will be, Castro always likes to throw in a few surprises!

Competing makes you perform better

In his book ‘Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing’, Po Bronson refers to competition as the completely free, completely legal, performance-enhancing drug with no side-effects.  You will be amazed at how much further, faster and heavier you can go when you are in a competitive environment.

Be on the other side of the Barbell

When competing in the Open everyone gets a judge. That means we all get to have a go at judging someone, ensuring they hit the correct movement standards and counting their reps. With this huge power also comes a great opportunity to learn. You get to watch how other athletes move, understand their strategies, figure out how many reps they do in each set, how long their transitions take, etc. All this extra knowledge will help you either smash out a PB on the workout or give you tips to work on yourself.

It gives you a benchmark

The Open is a worldwide competition, with hundreds of thousands of people competing. I’m not talking about your final position in the Open. I came 32,453rd last year, but that in itself doesn’t tell me a whole lot about my fitness apart from the fact that there are a whole load of people in the world who are fitter than me. 

The Open gives you so much more of an insight into your performance as an Athlete than you could imagine. It’s stuff like ‘I now know I can complete handstand push ups in a workout’ or ‘I completed all scaled workouts at the recommended weight’ and ‘I kick ass at short heavy workouts, but I need to work on my gymnastics’. That information is invaluable, and can help guide a lot of goal-setting conversations with your coaches. 

All in all, the Open is a whole load of fun, with an amazing community spirit. It will be challenging – over five weeks and five workouts, The Open is annoyingly good at finding your Achilles heel – but it will make you a better athlete and I can guarantee as soon as it’s done you will be counting down the days until next year!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register for the Open and make sure you list CrossFit 1864 as your affiliate!


A) Strength: Back Squat
1 x 4 @ 60%
1 x 4 @ 70%
1 x 4 @ 75%
2 x 4 @ 80%

B) Conditioning
10 minute AMRAP:
7 Front squats (42.5/30 kg)
7 Burpees
7 Shoulder to overhead (42.5/30 kg)