10 Jan 2017 – Our Pre-Whole Life Challenge Huddle and the Baseline

The Whole Life Challenge is fast approaching and we want to make sure Team CrossFit 1864 is fully prepped, thoroughly briefed and ready to smash this 8 week challenge!

Our Pre-Whole Life Challenge Huddle

To help explain more about the Whole Life Challenge, and share our tips and advice, as well as answer any questions you might have, we will be hosting a Pre-Whole life Challenge Huddle at the box on Friday 13 January at 6.30 pm (after Open Gym). Can't make it to the gym that day / time? Don't worry, we'll be Live Streaming the huddle via YouTube! Can't make it to the gym and won't be near a computer? Again, we've got you covered! We'll be sending the video around to the members of Team CrossFit 1864 so you can watch it whenever you have time and e-mail us if any of the questions you have weren't answered during the huddle. 

The Whole Life Challenge Baseline

Before our Challenge begins, we need to set up a baseline, something that you will be able to look back on in 8 weeks and chart your progress...

On Saturday 21 January, all of our class WODs will serve as our Whole Life Challenge baseline WOD, which we will re-do at the end of the Challenge (these classes are still open to all members, regardless of if you have signed up for the Challenge or not). This workout is part of your “Body and Fitness Inventory,” and it is an important event because it establishes your starting point. On Saturday, we will also be taking a few numbers: weight and waist and hips measurements. 

If for any reason, you can't make it to any of the classes on Saturday, please let us know and we will plan another session to establish your baseline.

There's still time!

Haven't signed up for the Whole Life Challenge yet, but want to get involved? There's still time!

Simply click here to register and make sure you join Team CrossFit 1864!


A) Strength / Conditioning
Every minute for 12 minutes, alternate between:
Minute 1: 10 Romanian deadlift
Minute 2: 10 HSPU
Minute 3: 50 Double unders

B) Conditioning: Rowing
4 x 2 minutes on : 2 minutes off
*Aim for sub 2km PB pace