27 Oct 2017 – Announcing the Grand Re-Opening WOD & Party!

Join us on Sunday 5 November from 9 am for our Grand Re-Opening WOD and Party! 

It's hard to imagine how far this empty warehouse space has come in such a short amount of time. To celebrate, to thank you guys for your support and help during this busy time and to christen the new space in true CrossFit 1864 style, we'll be hosting a special WOD of BroSesh proportions (aka EPIC), followed by a pitch-in BBQ. 

Sign up via Team up here and keep an eye on Facebook, your email and the blog for more details.


A) Strength (Speed / Power Group)

Every 3 minutes, for 24 minutes alternate between A1 and A2:
A1) 2-3 Back squat @ 85% + 10 Jumping squats
A2) 2-3 Strict press @ 85% + 10 Dumbbell push press

A) Strength (Aerobic Capacity Group)

Every 3 minutes, for 24 minutes alternate between A1 and A2
A1) 9 Back squat + 250m Row
A2) 9 Push press + 250m Row

B) Accessory (All Athletes)

12 x 40 seconds on : 20 seconds off

Dumbbell bench press
Bent over barbell row
Good morning
Plank hold (weighted)

*Choose loads that allow for 12-15 reps
*Aim for quality, controlled movements


2km Training - Week 6

*Sessions will be General Endurance, General Speed & Specific Training
*What is your present 2km PB split?
*What is your goal time (for the end of the cycle), 10-15 seconds faster is a solid goal

A) General Speed

6 x 375m max effort sprints
– Rest 90 second between efforts –