02 Nov 2017 – Reminder: Grand Re-Opening Party this Sunday!

Our Grand Re-Opening Party is this Sunday! Join us from 9 am for a kick ass WOD, followed by a  party to celebrate the new space! Please sign up via Team up here so we can get an idea of numbers.


A) Strength Endurance (All)
3 rounds of:
3 x 30m Banded sprint, 1 minute rest
3 x 300m Run, 30 seconds rest
– Rest 3-5 minutes between rounds –

* Speed/Power: Focus on the 300m runs
* Capacity: Focus on max effort banded sprints
* Times are not important today, effort is key.


Spend 10 minutes EVERYDAY practicing something you want to master. You won't be an expert by the end of the week, but you will have had 70 minutes dedicated practice time. Perhaps it's practicing double-unders, learning Spanish, kipping progressions or riding a bike.

It doesn't matter what it is, find something you want to master and get to it!

WEEKLY RECOVERY PROTOCOL: Active Recovery, Part II: The Skills Edition

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to spend 5-10 minutes on a active cool down.

We want you to do the same this week but with our Mindset Focus of skill practice at its core.

Spend 10 minutes after class doing some light skill work on a movement of choice.

My recommendation is snatch work (we all want to snatch better, right?!). Check out this video of the Burgener Warm-Up. Perform 3 reps of each exercise using a dowel rod and cycle through for 10 minutes.