23 Nov 2017 – Reasons why we can't wait for Christmas at CrossFit 1864

Thanks for the bauble, Gareth!

With all of CrossFit 1864's holiday festivities just around the corner, we decided to ask a few of our veteran athletes, coaches and interns what they are most looking forward to during the CrossFit Christmas season....


Talisa Legon
Christmas Cracker-ing since 2016

The thing I'm most looking forward to is completing the Christmas Crackers challenge and that feeling on the last day after having finished the last WOD. Last year, I earned that Christmas dinner and the second helping!


Graeme Booth
Christmas Cracker-ing since 2015

I'm looking forward to being proud of all the PBs that are going to rain down during the Crackers. Everyone has been working super hard and I think the benchmarks will give people a great chance to see their gains.

Andreea Caua
Christmas Cracker-ing since 2015

The thing I look forward to the most is the amazing atmosphere during those two weeks. It truly marks the start of the Christmas season as far as I am concerned. All the classes are busier than usual and I get to see everyone! 

There’s also the anticipation and debate on which heroes or girls we’ll be doing during the Crackers. Last year, there was a running joke that "Murph" would make an appearance and we would all die, but Santa Phil was kind (until the week after the Crackers!). Everyone is buzzing, hoping that their favourites will show up, that they’ll get a chance to test a benchmark we rarely ever do, and that a weakness might be conquered.

Lastly, I am looking forward to the Golden Kettlebell Awards. As undefeated Best Pain Face champion, I am keen to see if anyone comes anywhere near to taking that crown away from me! 

Josh Lah
Christmas Cracker-ing since 2015

I would personally love to do "Murph" for the Christmas Crackers! I won't be doing the first half though (out on holiday till 3 December) so please if you do plan it, schedule it for the second week haha (sure thing Josh, we'll keep that in mind!)

Not really Christmas specific, but I'm looking forward to the newer members coming to the party and everyone mingling and getting to know each other. Like old times! 


David Caetano
Christmas Cracker-ing since 2015

The Christmas Crackers are the perfect opportunity to make a small goal and hit it! I personally want to make the 12 days, but it could be to make 8 of the days or to do 4 of the days in a row. I remember my first Christmas Crackers; it was the first time I trained 5 days in a row!

I'm also looking forward to the atmosphere. I believe this is what makes the Christmas Crackers feel so special. It has the same atmosphere as the Open WODs or one of the throwdowns. Everyone is around and supporting each other! Laughs and chest bumps!

With so many awesome things in store over the coming weeks, what are you waiting for?! Sign up for your Christmas Cracker sessions today and get ready to take on the most epic Challenge on the CrossFit calendar and earn your Christmas pudding!


Testing Week, Day 3

A) Power clean
A1) Establish a 1 rep max
A2) 8 minute AMRAP @ 85% of A1