22 Nov 2017 – Gymnastics Development


Gymnastics Development
Today we will be focusing on developing your kipping for pull-ups, toes to bar and muscle-ups. We will then break into small groups to work on specifics based on what movements you are presently working on

A) Everyone
A1) Ring/Bar swing awareness drill
A2) Standing hollow pull-downs (front)
A3) Standing hollow pull-downs (back)

B) Toes to bar / Pull-up Group
B1) Bar swing
B2) 2 for 1's

B) Muscle-up Group
B1) Ring swing, false grip
B2) Transitions
*On each drill, spend 5 minutes accumulating as many quality reps as possible

C) Skill Workout
10-15 minute AMRep:
200m Easy run
Max quality reps of either muscle-ups, pull-ups or toes to bar