17 Feb 2017 – What are the Post-WOD Feels?

Who's looking forward to this year's Open and our 2017 CrossFit Open Team Competition?! We know we are!

Remember, to win the 2017 CrossFit Open Team Competition, your team must have the most points at the end of the five weeks. Here's how teams can earn points:

Top 3 Scaled Male / Female Athletes
Top 3 Rx Male / Female Athletes
Best Team Spirit
PBs or Milestones
Best Post-WOD Feels

What are the Post-WOD Feels?

What is better than that post-WOD adrenaline rush, seeing members stick around long after their heat has finished to cheer on the rest of the crew, and re-capping your strategy, your successes, or sharing that feeling when you red-lined with your fellow athletes over a refreshing beverage? These are what we fondly refer to as our Post-WOD Feels and every week during the Open, one team will be given the responsibility of organising their very own Post-WOD Feels (PWF) to share with the other teams. With the PWF, you are limited only by your imagination. It can be an extra activity at the box while the heats are going on, a post-WOD meet up somewhere in the City, or some snacks to re-fuel the hungry troops served in between heats. We want to see what your team can put together to keep the buzz of that day's Open WOD going for as long as possible! 

Our first Post-WOD Feels for Open 17.1 will be delivered by Coach Phil's team followed by Coach Maria's team on Sunday 5 March, then Coach Whizz's team on Sunday 12 March, Coach Salt's team on Sunday 19 March and finally, the coaches will be responsible for the final Open WOD's PWF.

The winner of the Best Post-WOD Feels will be decided on Monday 20 March, scoring five valuable points for their team!


A) Muscle Up Development
12 minutes (Aim for 3-5 rounds):
5 Plyometric ring row with false grip
15 seconds ring dip hold
5 Ring dip, as strict as possible
*Wear a weight vest if this is easy

- Then -

3-5 sets on the rings of:
3 kip swings + 1 big pull-up
*Get over the rings if you can
*Catch yourself in the dip position and hold for 3 seconds

- Then -

EMOM x 10:
Muscle-up attempts: 1 rep
*Wear a weight vest if required

B) Gymnastics strength
Every minute, for 16 minutes, alternate between:
Minute 1: 5 Strict C2B Pull-up + 5 Kipping C2B Pull-up
Minute 2: 5 Strict ring dip + 5 Kipping ring dip
Minute 3: 10 Side plank rotations with 3 second hold
Minute 4: Rest