20 Mar 2017 – London Box Battles is Back!

Photo: Lance Hambly

Photo: Lance Hambly

London Box Battles is Back! The competition kicks off for us on Sunday 30 April from 9 am. We'll be doing battle against CrossFit SE11 on our home turf. 

What is London Box Battles?

The London Box Battles is a league-style CrossFit competition involving boxes in and around London.

With Beginner (Group C), Intermediate (Group B) and Advanced (Group A) divisions, this is a great competition for all levels of athlete, not to mention a great way to meet athletes from other boxes!

Round 1 will be an individual competition. Check out LBB's blog for details on the WODs for the day and click here to register for the competition


A) Gymnastics
Make 2 attempts at each of the following:
A1) Max set strict pull-up
A2) Max set strict HSPU
A3) Max set toes to bar (kipping)

B) Conditioning
"Black and Blue"
5 Rounds for time:
10 Power Cleans (60/40 kg)
10 Burpees