23 Mar 2017 – The Post-17.4 Leaderboard & "The Other Total"

Everyone loves a repeat WOD! Congrats to you all on an epic 17.4 performance. The scores are in and Team Show us your Gurn has increased their lead, holding strong in first place. Team Solid Muscle Crew is chasing them down in second, Team Whizzards of WOD is in third and Team A Salt & Battery is in fourth place. Congrats to our top Rx athletes, Luke Haywood and Lis Ginsburg and our top Scaled athletes, Ryan Tan and Andreea Caua

Congrats also go to our Spirit of 17.4 winners, David Caetano for his persistence with his deadlifts and Lis Ginsburg for her determination in getting those last 15 seconds to score some very valuable handstand push-up reps! 

One last week to go and still everything to play for... Will anyone be able to take the top spot from Team Show us your Gurn??

Check out the complete leaderboard here: Post-17.4 Leaderboard

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Photo: Lance Hambly


"The Other Total"
Establish a 1 rep max for each of the following lifts:
Power clean
Bench press
Front squat