24 Mar 2017 – Wanna Hang Out?

By Coach Whizz

How good are you at holding on, and do you want to get better at it?

Then let's hang out!

No seriously... We want to hang out with you, from a pull up bar, the rings, a rope, the swing set in the park...anything!

From 1 - 30 April, the coaches at CrossFit 1864 would like to challenge you to accumulate 7 minutes of hanging time every day for 30 days as part of our "Hanging Out with the Crazy Ones" Challenge. We'll be posting regular videos of different ways you can get your hang time in, blogs on the benefits of hanging, and photos of us and everyone taking part in the challenge monkeying around!

Borrowed from Ido Portal, this hanging challenge will develop your straight arm strength, which will give you massive improvements not just in your mobility, but also in your muscle, joint, and ligament strength and stability. 

It will improve your: 

Grip strength, wrist strength and endurance
Spine decompression
Overhead range of motion
And overall shoulder health!

How do I get started?

Test and re-test

Be on the look out next week for a blog on how you can test your overhead range of motion and also showing you how you can take “Before” photos, so you can see how much you have improved after you have completed the challenge. 

Start off slowly and build up

Keep in mind that we want you to accumulate 7 minutes of hanging per day. We don’t expect you (and don’t want you!) to try and get all 7 minutes in one go! The coaches will be posting videos on when, how and where they are getting their hanging in, but make sure you have a few ideas of different places you can hang (the gym, the DLR, the park, etc). 

Educate yourself on the three primary hanging exercises

There are three primary hanging exercises: Passive, Active and Swinging. Active can be done by anyone, but it is highly recommended for people with prior shoulder injuries, dislocations, or instability. Passive is recommended for anyone who has no prior injuries or shoulder issues (but potentially poor overhead mobility) and the swinging hanging exercises are a more advanced version of the passive hanging exercises. 


In the 6.15 am, 7.15 am, 12.30 pm CrossFit Classes:

A) Conditioning
For time:
1000m Row
100 Double unders
50 Kettlebell swings (24/16 kg)
40 Wall balls (9/6 kg)
30 Burpees
20 Pull-ups
10 Power cleans @ 80% of yesterday's 1RM

In the 6 pm CrossFit Class:

Open 17.4 Skills & Strategy Prep (TBA)

Remember: Due to an event at the Chainstore, there will be no 9 am and 12.30 pm classes on Saturday 25 March. Our 8 am class will run as normal.