04 Mar 2017 – Open 17.2 Strategy & Skills Prep

Open 17.2 Strategy & Skills Prep

A) Warm-up  (Click link to watch video of warm-up sequence)
*If you do not warm-up properly you cannot expect to perform at your best, it's that simple.

100m Stiff legged row
- Then -
2 rounds:
8 Sumo inchworms
8 Lateral box step-ups per side (high height)
- Then -
150m Stiff legged row
- Then-
3 rounds:
150ft (15m) Walking lunge
- Increase load to workout weight
10 Beat swings
5 Bicep curls (light)
- Then -
200m Stiff legged row

B) Kipping Pull-up & Bar Muscle-Up
B1 (All athletes): Lat engagement on rings and bar 10 reps

B2 (Rx Athletes): Bar muscle-ups
3 rounds of: 2-4 Hips to bar kips
2-4 Banded barbell transition

B2 (Scaled Athletes): Chin over bar pull-ups
3 rounds of: 3 Beat swing + 1 Pull-up + 3 beat swing

B3 (All Athletes): 5 minutes to try full movement variation

C) Dumbbell power cleans  

D) Toes to bar

E) Practice Run
2 rounds:
50 ft walking lunge
Toes to bar @ 50% of your max set (or knee raise)
8 Power cleans
- Rest 2 minutes -
50 ft walking lunge
Bar muscle-ups @ 50% of your max set (or pull ups)
8 Power cleans

Tips For The Big Day
1) It's going to get grippy
Your grip is likely to go at some point in this workout, but delay it for as long as you can by giving your grip small breaks where possible:
- On the turnaround of the lunges
- After the lunges / before the cleans
- After the cleans before the toes to bar / muscle-ups

2) Break up the toes to bar and bar muscle-ups early
Hitting failure early on these movements is going to ruin your chances of getting the best score you are capable of. Manage the ego and stick to a game plan. Break the toes to bar and bar muscle-ups in sets of 50-60% of your max set, from round one.