17 Apr 2017 – The Beginning of De-load Week

This week we have you on a de-load following the first 3 week phase of our strength cycle.

De-load weeks are a very important part of any training cycle, this is the period where we reduce volume and intensity compared to the previous weeks, thus allowing the body a period of time to recover.

This period is known as 'super-compensation' where we recover to a higher level of performance capacity. Without this important phase we can fall into under-recovery, fatigue, performance decrease and increased injury risk.

Take a look at this diagram below…

So, if you ever wanted to take a few extra days away from the gym, this is the week to do it!

This week you will see lower volume and intensity (% of rep max) with the main lifts, but we will also see some traditional CrossFit benchmark workouts - hit these with whatever intensity you feel up to. 

Following our de-load week, the next 3 week phase is going to see things change a little and build on phase 1.

You will be doing bench press (Monday), front squat and a max rep back squat set (Wednesdays) and power clean (Saturdays). On these days you will now be doing some more traditional accessory work which will include a lot of unilateral loading. This is important as not only will it complement the main lift of the day, but it will also highlight and begin to address any imbalances.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be gymnastic strength days with a main focus on pulling (legless rope climb / pull-up progression) and pushing (strict HSPU progression) coupled with some basic gymnastic strength workouts. These days will be high volume, however, our first 3 week phase should have prepared your bodies well for this.

Sundays are going to focus on Snatch development. We will keep intensity low and be focusing on the SKILL.

Enjoy this week, have fun with some benchmark workouts and get yourself ready to hit the ground running with the second phase of our strength cycle.



A) Strength: Strict press

3 x 5 @ 65%

B) "Jackie"
1,000m Row
50 Thrusters (20/15 kg)
30 Pull-ups