18 May 2017 – Announcing the Skill Development Workshop: Goal Setting

Goals are important in every aspect of our life because they give us direction. With a goal in mind, we know what we're working towards. They enhance our daily lives and well-being and they also give us incentive and provide us with clarity in our direction.

A large part of the goal setting process comes down to developing the correct mindset. We are all born with certain physical and psychological predispositions, but mental skills are shaped through our experiences of everyday life. Being motivated, staying calm under pressure, or maintaining confidence in the face of adversity are skills that take time to develop.

But, how do we do this? How do we develop the best mindset, how do we know if the goals we're setting are right for us, how do we even start to set goals?

Lead by Coach Phil, our Goal Setting Workshop, the second workshop in our Skill Development series, will help you answer these questions. In the workshop, we will cover:

- The what and why of goal setting
- Extrinsic versus Intrinsic motivation
- Defining success
- How to set your goals

The workshop will take place on Sunday 18 June from 9.30 – 11 am (there will be no Competition Class that day), and is free for all CF1864 members.

Sign up via Team-up here and e-mail Coach Phil if you have any questions!


A) Time trial: 100m Row
* 3 attempts for your best score
* Rest 3-4 minutes between attempts

B) 5 rounds for time of:

5 Deadlifts (125/82.5 kg)
10 Burpees

* Heavy Fitness Level in BtWB
* Time cap: 8 minutes)