06 September 2017 – Taking it to the Next Level

Your coaches have experienced the benefits of CrossFit well beyond the mere aesthetic of a toned body and the physiological improvements inherent in high intensity training. At CrossFit 1864, we aim to educate our members towards the benefits of CrossFit beyond the physiological: CrossFit and your experience here will also lead you towards a healthy mind and more positive approach to your personal life and surroundings.

In training there are a few essentials that are under our control: training, nutrition, sleep, recovery and mindset. If we can optimise these areas we will make continued improvements in the gym, as well as improve the quality of our lives in every way, from our careers to our relationships.

With the move to our new location, we are making some sweeping changes to our approach to further develop you as athletes within the box, and outside the walls of the gym.

Getting Individualised!

General group programming has a whole range of benefits including getting you fit and healthy, finding the motivation for that extra push, making new friends and building relationships.

However, as your coaches we must appreciate that you are all individuals and as such have particular areas you need to develop more than others. These areas may differ from those around you.

In order for you to get all the benefits of the group setting, but also receive some more tailored programming towards your needs, we will be introducing a hybrid program.

Several days a week, the daily programming will feature variations of the strength or conditioning workout based on the energy systems you need to develop. Whilst everyone will still be training together in a group, the actual variables of the workout will be modified to focus on you.

With that, for our next training cycle, we have to do some testing. On Saturday 16th September we are going to Mile End Track, we encourage EVERYONE to attend to make the most out of the next training cycle. The results from this phase of testing will determine which group you fall into for these hybrid days. We will meet at 9:45 am at reception for a 10:00 am start. 

We are extremely excited by the potential this new form of our programming will mean for your results and your progress.

Mindset Development

Mindset is more than just how you approach a workout. Mindset is an established set of attitudes held by someone.

These attitudes are how you approach everyday life. How you react to set-backs and success, how you fare in relationships. It is your outlook on the world and your life in it.

Our aim is to develop a mindset that frees you of restraint, unshackles you from negativity, and provides you with a platform for a long and happy life.

We do this through the medium of training, but the lessons we can learn are applicable across all aspects of your life away from the box.

We are going to be introducing an element to our classes of mindset training. Each week we will focus on a new aspect of developing a positive mindset, developing a growth mindset and learning how to kick ass both inside and outside the gym!

Recovery Protocols

Recovery is everything that happens after your training sessions that ensures your body recovers and adapts to the hard work and graft you just put in at the gym.

There are hundreds of ways we can improve our ability to recover and each week we are going to focus on a new method. This will be a chance for you to learn more about your bodies, but also to ensure you keep getting the results you train so hard for.

With these improvements to the program and services, our aim is to provide you with a more well-rounded approach to your health and fitness and one that covers all the areas within your control (outside of just training). Health and fitness is life!


A) Strength

5 sets of:
5 Back squat
– Rest 60 seconds –
10/10 Single-Arm dumbbell row
– Rest 2-3 minutes –

B) Conditioning

10 minute AMRAP: 
1 Deadlift (50/35 kg)
1 Hang power clean (50/35 kg)
1 Front squat (50/35 kg)
1 Push press (50/35 kg)

*5 Burpees every time the bar settles on the floor