08 Jan 2018 – Here's to the Crazy Ones: Member Appreciation Week

Our Member Appreciation Week is finally here! Every day from Monday 8 January to Friday 12 January, we will be giving something back to you to celebrate just how truly awesome you all are. We have already sent out some e-mails with more information, but here's a quick reminder of what you can expect this week:

Monday: Book your free 15 minute nutrition consultation with Coach Maria
Tuesday: Time to exact your revenge! Choose a WOD for Coach Phil
Wednesday: WOD and Raffle! Do the Class WOD, and your name gets entered in to a raffle for a kick ass prize!
Thursday: Vote for the class WOD
Friday: Time to Eat! Join us for breakfast in the morning and pizza in the evening


A) Strength: Front squat
18 minutes to build to a heavy 5

B) Conditioning
18 x 15 seconds on : 30 seconds off:
Handstand push-up (or Push-up)
Toes to bar (or Knee raise)
Front squat @ 80% of A

* Perform all 6 intervals on one movement before moving to the next
* If you lose the T2B don't drop from the rig, hang for the remainder of the interval
* If you lose the HSPU, kick up and hold a handstand for the remainder of the interval