19 Oct 2018 – WOD


A) Cycle 5 - Strength Test: Deadlift
Establish a 3 rep max

* As it is our rep max day, the chances are you will fail a lift. Please make a mental note of where you failed, or if you don't fail what aspect feels most challenging:

- Could you not lift the bar off the floor, or not get it passed the first few inches (below the knee)?
- Could you get the bar most the way up (past the knee) but could not lock it out?
- Could you simply not hold on to the bar and did your grip fail?

This information will be very important for the next training cycle where you will be given an opportunity to work on your specific sticking point with the deadlift!

B) Cycle 5 - Strength/Conditioning Test
3 rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts (125/85 kg)
50 Double unders