23 Oct 2018 – The Annual CF1864 Winter Coat Drive, & the L-Sit

Do you have any winter coats that you no longer want / need / fit (including children’s coats!)?

Bring them to the box and we’ll donate them to Wrap Up London. Wrap Up London is an organisation that collects unwanted coats and redistributes them to charities across London that support the homeless, refugees, children living in poverty and people fleeing domestic violence.

We’ll be collecting coats from 5 – 16 November. All you need to do is bring the coat in before class and we’ll take care of the rest!

Thank you for helping to keep others warm this winter!

The L-Sit

The L-sit is a foundational movement found in gymnastics that challenges the isometric strengths and control of a wide array of muscle groups throughout the body and it can be performed on the floor or using rings, blocks, paralletes, parallel bars, or other equipment.

There are several benefits to training this movements:

Midline Stability: The l-sit challenges and develops an individual’s ability to create midline tension and stability. This allows the individual to better stabilise the spine, support movement and resist unwanted forces that can impair body control, balance, and stability.

Isometric Strength: A isometric muscle contraction is when their is neither lengthening nor contracting (shortening), while producing force, which is beneficial for movements that require core stabilisation and strength under load (squats, deadlifts, presses). Additionally, increasing isometric strength can enhance strength and force production at various ranges of motion.

Over the next 6 week training cycle we will be focusing heavily in static midline development.


Gymnastics Tests
A1) L-Sit hold: For max time

A2) Forearm plank hold: For max time

B) Conditioning
3 rounds for time:
25 Toes to bar (or Ab-mat sit-ups)
50 ft Double kettlebell overhead carry
50 ft Double kettlebell overhead walking lunge