24 Oct 2018 – All About "Barbell Cycling"

Barbell cycling is usually attributed to Weightlifting movements (and their derivatives): Snatch and Clean & Jerk. It is described as the method of moving a barbell through the complete range of motion that requires high degrees of technique, body control, speed, and movement efficiency.

There are several benefits to honing your barbell cycling skills, such as:

Greater Barbell Efficiency
Technique plays a huge role in your success when moving heavy (and light) snatches, cleans, and jerks. When we look at an athlete’s ability to move a barbell with technique for long periods of time, we often find lapses in body position, muscle fatigue, and/or general mental mistakes. When regularly practicing barbell cycling, whether for a few reps (3-5) or longer sets, we often see improved body awareness and fluidity between the moving barbell and the lifter.

Increased Technique
Through practice, barbell cycling can be a great way to improve your movement patterning during the more complex weightlifting movements. This can help you not only teach the nervous system and muscle units how to control the load in the concentric phase, but also learn how to move the load eccentrically.

Increased Training Volume
Increased time under tension and eccentric loading (lowering the barbell, even with the aid of gravity) are two training benefits of cycling a barbell. Barbell cycling is usually performed at moderate to conservative loads, and as such allows for greater training volume, which is often geared for strength endurance.

Today, you will get a taste of barbell cycling clean and jerks with the workout "Gwen"…


A) Conditioning
Clean & Jerk - Pick load
* Rest 4 minutes between sets.