28 Oct 2018 – WOD



In Pairs, complete a 30 minute AMRAP of:

400m Run (While P2 performs alternating arm turkish get-ups)
500m Row (While P2 performs 15 second left side plank + 15 second forearm plank + 15 second right side plank)

* P1 performs the run, then P2 does
* The pair then moves to the row
* If you did the Thriller Throwdown yesterday, use today as a chance to get in some good quality aerobic work and get ready for next week
* If you did not train yesterday, push the pace on the row/run and use the TGU and planks as an opportunity for active recovery


* For this 6 week cycle we will be working on power variations. This is to focus on speed and force production in both the second and third pull on the lifts. This will be followed by full variations at lighter loads to focus on technique and stability

A) 3 Position Power Snatch (Floor, below the knee, and above the knee)
Build to a heavy load for the complex

B) Snatch: 5-7 x 1 (with 3 second pause in receiving position) @ the weight from A


A) Zercher Squats
5 x 3 @ 75%

B) Skill Work: Toes to Bar

C) 12 Min AMRAP For Quality
10 x Pistols to a box (each side)
12 x Barbell Hip Thrusts
10 x Single Leg Barbell Romanian Deadlift (each side)