Wednesday 31 Oct 2018 – Announcing our 2018 Holiday Festivities: The Christmas Crackers

It’s the most wonderful timeeeeeee of the yearrrrrrrr…

From Monday 26 November, we will kick off our annual Christmas Crackers challenge!

”The Christmas Crackers” is CrossFit 1864's annual Christmas Challenge for our members. We will be programming twelve consecutive benchmark workouts for you to tackle, from the ladies, to heroes, to Open workouts, to a few mash-ups of all of the above!

We want all members, regardless of what membership they’re on, to be able to take part in this challenge. So, as our Christmas present to you, for the two weeks of the Christmas Crackers, all of our members will have an Unlimited membership.

As in previous years, classes during these 12 days will run SLIGHTLY differently than a normal session. We will be running each WOD in heats so you can cheer your fellow athletes on (and you don't have to worry about counting your reps!). Depending on the workout, warm-ups might be brief, so if you are one of those who needs extra time to get ready for a workout, feel free to come in early and get in some extra mobility / rowing time.

‘I Cracked the CF1864 Christmas Crackers!’

Members that complete all twelve benchmark workouts will receive a special prize presented at our Christmas Party at the end of the Christmas Crackers! To be eligible for this prize, you need to log a result for EVERY benchmark workout on Beyond the Whiteboard. If you don’t log it, you didn’t do it! If you have any difficulties logging your results on BtWB, please let a coach know ASAP.

This is just one of the many awesome holiday events we have scheduled! Keep your eye on the blog and your email for information on our other events, including “Hope” for the Holidays, the CF1864 Christmas Party and, last but certainly not least… the Golden Kettlebell Awards!


A) Strength / Barbell Cycling
Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes (6 sets):
6 Power snatch, touch and go
* The aim is to cycle the reps! So try to avoid pauses at the hip

B) Conditioning
Power snatch (42.5/30 kg)