09 Oct 2018 – WOD


A) Strength/Endurance
Front squat: 3 x
* Add +2.5 to 5kg from last week (this is sets of 4 this week!)
* 10 seconds rest between 4's
* 4 minutes rest between sets
* This is our last session of this progression

B) Conditioning
Every 90 seconds, for 24 minutes (4 rounds):
20/15 Calorie assault bike (or row)
15/12 Burpee box jump overs (24/20 in)
200m Run
15 Dumbbell thrusters (22.5/15 kg)

* If the prescribed repetitions or distances are unattainable, adjust the reps so that you are able to complete the first round relatively comfortably (this means in approx 60 seconds when fresh)
* This can be also be scaled UP if needed