02 Nov 2018 - Announcing our 2018 Holiday Festivities: "Hope" for the Holidays

The Christmas Crackers are coming! And if you’ve tackled the Crackers with us before, you’ll know that our 12th and final Christmas Cracker is always a doozy. In previous years, you have taken on multiple benchmarks in one WOD, Macho Man, Karabel, the Gauntlet. I fondly remember our very first Christmas Cracker that included just about every CrossFit movement imaginable! And every year, we have kept the final Cracker a closely guarded secret until our members arrive at the box for their session.

This year, we’re doing something a little different…

I am going to tell you right now what the final Christmas Cracker will be!

On Saturday 8 December, the 12th Christmas Cracker will be the CrossFit benchmark WOD, “Hope”, as part of CrossFit 1864’s “‘Hope’ for the Holidays”

3 Rounds For Total Reps in 17 minutes
1 minute Burpees
1 minute Power Snatch (75/55 lb)
1 minute Box Jump (24/20 in)
1 minute Thruster (75/55 lb)
1 minute Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
1 minute Rest

Our Christmas Crackers this year and "‘Hope’ for the Holidays" will be in support of Bart’s Charity, our local NHS trust. Throughout November and December, we will be collecting toys to donate to Bart’s Charity. In exchange for donating a toy, you will be able to purchase a special “Hope for the Holidays” t-shirt for only £10 (cost price)!

We will be sending out more details soon on how you can donate a toy and get your hands on one of our super rad t-shirts, so keep your eye on the e-mail and blog.

More announcements still to come!


A) Strength
Sumo Deadlift: 3 x 3.2.1
* Rest 20 seconds between reps
* Rest 3 minutes between sets
* Add 0-5kg based on how last week felt

B) 2 x 5-8 of weakness movement:
Rack pulls
Deficit deadlifts
Top of the deadlift hold x ME

C) Accessory
Complete 3-5 rounds, for quality, of:
6-8 Sumo stance squats
10-12 Barbell hip thrust
15/15 Bulgarian split squat

Swim WOD

A) Skill
Choose either: 4 x 100m, 6 x 50m, 3 x 50m
Half the distance @ Breaststroke: 2 kicks + 1 Pull drill
Half the distance @ recovery
* Focus on keeping head down looking at the floor while kicking.

B) Main Set 1: Breaststroke
Choose either 16 x 100m, 16 x 50m, 16 x 25m
* Rest 40 seconds between reps
* Build in speed for first 4 sets, then hold for the next 4 sets
* After set 8, rest 3 minutes and repeat

C) Main Set 2: Front Crawl
Choose either 12 x 50m, 12 x 25m, 6 x 25m
* Focus here on breathing pattern. Aim for: breathing every 3 on sets 1-4, breathing every 5 on sets 5-8, breathing every 7 on sets 9-12
* Take 20 secs rest between reps