11 Nov 2018 – WOD


Engine Work

In teams of 3, complete 4 rounds each of:
300m Row
– Rest –
20 Dumbbell hang squat cleans
– Rest –
10 Strict Pull-ups
– Rest –

* Teams will perform this in a pipeline fashion.
* Teammate A will start rowing, and once they are finished, they will move to a rest station while Partner B begins rowing.
* Once Partner B finishes rowing, Partner A may begin the Dumbbell Hang Cleans and Partner C begins rowing.
* Teams will follow this sequence until all teammates have completed 4 full rounds.

Specialist Sundays

A) Hang power snatch: Build to a heavy double

B) Snatch: 5 x 2 (with 3 second pause in receiving position) @ the weight from A

Women’s Only

A) Sumo Deadlift:
5 x 3 @ 82.5-85%

B) Strict Ring Dips (or Negatives): 4 x 5

C) 15 minute AMRAP, for quality:
10 x Barbell Hip Thrusts
10 x Barbell Bentover Row
10x Dumbbell Rear Deltoid Fly