16 Nov 2018 - Announcing our Holiday Festivities: The 2018 Golden Kettlebell Awards

Bigger than the Oscars, more hotly contested than X Factor and LOADS more fun than the General Elections…

It's almost time to vote for your 2018 Golden Kettlebell Award Winners!

To celebrate the end of our Christmas Crackers and the culmination of yet another awesome year, we will be presenting a select group of athletes with our Golden Kettlebell Award, voted for by YOU!

The categories are as follows:

Best Pain Face

Best Banter

Best WOD Wardrobe

Most Improved Athlete

Most Supportive Athlete

CrossFit 1864’s Rising Star

Your coaches are in the process of shortlisting a group of nominees for each category, all you need to do is select the athlete that you think has earned the award this year.

We will be sending out the ballot on Monday 19 November and voting will close on Saturday 1 December. Awards will be presented at our Christmas party on 8 December.

Keep an eye on your inbox and in Slack for the ballot!


A) Strength / Barbell Cycling

Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes (4 sets):
10 Power snatch, touch and go

B) Conditioning

”CrossFit Open 16.3”

7 minute AMRAP:
10 Power snatches 35/25kg
3 Bar muscle-ups
10 Power snatches 20/15kg
5 Chest-to-bar Pull-up (jumping)

Swim WOD

A) Warm Up

5 minutes of front crawl, breastroke, back stroke

B) Skill

3+6 Backstroke drill: 8 x 25m
* On this drill you do 3 strokes, then hold the position with one arm behind you
* The other arm is by your side, and you are on this side so your shoulder is out of the water under your chin. Hold this for 6 kicks

C) Main Set 1

Choose a distance: 800m/600m/400m, and complete for time

D) Main Set 2

Choose a set/distance scheme from below

- 4 x 200 aiming to beat your 800m split
- 4 x 150 aiming to beat your 600m split
- 4 x 100 aiming to beat your 400m split
* Rest 20 seconds rest between each set