17 Nov 2018 – WOD



A) Conditioning

For time:
20 Back squats (100/70 kg)
2 mile run
20 Back squats (100/70 kg)

* This is a BtWB Endurance test, courtesy of CrossFit Linchpin
* Time cap: 30 minutes

Competition Class

A) Nasal Breathing Warm-Up

Walk at a slow pace for 10 minutes (nasal breathing), every minute perform an exhale breath hold until you feel a moderate / strong desire to breath. You should be able to resume nasal breathing after the hold (if not you held for too long)

Immediately into 5 minutes of run/row/bike, nasal breathing only

Want to know why we’re practicing nasal breathing? Check out Coach Phil’s blog.

B) Gymnastics: Mounting (Raising) ring muscle-ups

Every minute for 8 minutes, alternate between:
10 second false grip hang
3 Cast swings

Followed by. . .
Snap pulls: 3-5 x 6-10 reps, for quality
Snap Pulls + mall backswing: Practice for quality
Pop swings: Practice for quality

Mounting (Raising) ring muscle-ups: Have some practice!

C) Conditioning

Australian Championships: Qualifier 1

12 minute AMRAP:
30 Double unders
3, 5, 9, 12.... Power Clean (50 kg/35 kg)