01 Dec 2018 - The Whizzards of WOD G-Force Throwdown

The Christmas Cracker we were least looking forward to… it’s time to say Bon Voyage to our beloved Coach Whizz!

Thank you Whizz for everything you have done for all of us these past years! You have been an amazing coach, an epic athlete, and even more, a great friend and we will miss your chill funk playlists, putting your black t-shirts in lost & found, your weird variations of twisting bear, but most of all, we will miss you!

The Whizzards of WOD G-Force Throwdown will kick off at 9 am (we had to start a little earlier than planned to get all of our heats in!) with heats running every 10 minutes. Don’t forget to sign up for your heat for this workout via the Google Sheet.

Be sure to come in early and stay late to cheer your fellow athletes on!

This one’s a doozy….


"Death Race"
5 Rounds for time:
15/10 Calorie assault bike (or row)
10 Burpees