28 Feb 2018 - Want to know the secret to smashing the Open and hitting PBs?

Join us on Saturday 3 March after Open 18.3 to learn the secret (that's not actually that secret) to smashing the Open and hitting PBs... and guess what? It's pretty easy too! 

Coach Phil talks 'Recovery'

After the success of the 'Programming' talk, Coach Phil has prepared one on the 'controversial' topic of recovery.

If you want to slay some huge PBs, get the most out of your training and learn how to optimise your performance, then don't miss this!


A) Strength
Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes, alternate between:
5 Bench press
5 Power cleans, touch and go

* Choose a load you will be confident of completing all the rounds with
* A guide is 70-80% 1RM
* We will be increasing from here next week

B) Accessory
3-5 rounds:
10-12 Dumbbell rows, per side
10-12 Half kneeling strict press, per side
12-15 Barbell skull crushers
12-15 Barbell bicep curl