02 Mar 2018 – Can you beat COach phil at ping pong??

This is the face Coach Phil made when he heard you thought you could beat him at ping pong...

Coach Phil is certain there's no way you can beat him at ping pong.

Well, it's time to prove Coach Phil wrong!

Join us on Saturday 14 April at Bounce in Farringdon for some ping pong!

We have two tables booked from 5 to 7 pm.

Sign up via Team up here (it's free, we just need to know how many people are coming). 


A) Strength

A1) Back squat: 3 x 6
* Add 0-5kg based on how last week felt
A2) Front squat: 1-2 x 8-12

B) Strength / Accessory

Complete 2-4 sets:
10/10 Bulgarian split squat
15 False grip ring rows
10/10 Single leg RDL

* Heaviest loads you can perform unbroken