14 July 2018 – Partner WOD


CrossFit (8 am, 9 am, 11.30 am)

A) Conditioning

In teams of 2, with only one person working at a time, complete a 30 minute AMRAP of:
800m Run
80 Walking lunges with kettlebells in farmers carry
400m Farmer’s Carry (walk together, only one partner carrying KBs at a time)
40 Double kettlebell swing

Each pair only gets one set of KBs or DBs. They should be heavy .

Competition Class (10 – 11.30 am)

A) Conditioning

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes, alternate between:
500/400m Row
1 round of DT

* Scale to a load that allows you to complete the round of DT inside 2 minutes
* Effort and intent is success

B) Gymnastics

B1) Bar Muscle-up practice

B2) For quality:

9-7-5-3, bar muscle-up
200m Run between each round