28 Aug 2018 – Announcing The CF1864 Step it Up Nutrition Challenge

Are you sick of feeling sluggish during workouts?

Do you feel like you could recover better?

Or are you wanting better results from your training?

Are you confused about the mixed messages out there regarding nutrition?

Yeah, I don't blame you. There are so many views out there... Zone? Paleo? Low Carb? Low Fat? Eat to Perform? Macros? Which one is the best? You want answers, and you want what's right for you.

Well, you're in luck! On 23rd September our nutrition coach, Jonny Landels of Next Step Nutrition, will be kicking off the CrossFit 1864 Step It Up Challenge.

What is it?

The Step it Up Nutrition Challenge is an 8 week nutrition challenge designed to ensure you don't need to do another nutrition challenge!

In this 8 week group challenge you will learn:

The principles of nutrition for health, weight loss, and performance

  • How to be aware of your intake and how to adjust it for your own goals
  • How to measure progress accurately and know you're on track
  • How to manage eating out, alcohol, and more while still being healthy, fit, and awesome at CrossFit
  • How to recover from training and fuel your workouts to crush even more PBs

Sounds great right!? Not only that, during the 8 weeks, you will also receive:

  • Video Q&A's with Coach Jonny via a FB group
  • Handbooks and video tutorials on nutrition and the habits within this challenge
  • Constant support and accountability through the group from Jonny and your peers
  • Fortnightly check ins with Coach Jonny through his state of the art website, ensuring progress is being made and to hold you accountable

All of the above for only £65 per person.

Prevent yourself from ever needing a nutrition challenge again. Gain valuable knowledge, while improving your performance in the gym, and, just before the Festive Season kicks off, learn how to manage those Christmas holidays while keeping your gainz. You'll be the talk of the office! Click here to sign up.

The challenge is limited to 20 participants, so sign up now to reserve your place!


A) Weightlifting
Snatch + Pause overhead squat: 2 x 1+2, 3 x 1+1
* Perform 1 set every 2 minutes
* Pause for 3 seconds in the overhead squats

B) Conditioning
With a partner, complete a 15 minute AMRAP of:
500/400 m Row
25 Kettlebell swings (32/24 kg)
* Once the partner in front has moved on to the next movement the partner behind can begin