01 Oct 2018 – Announcing The Thriller Throwdown!

Join us on Saturday 27 October from 9 am for our first ever Thriller Throwdown!

Grab your favourite training buddy (guy / guy, girl / girl), put on your best Halloween costume, and get ready to throwdown! In addition to prizes for our podium finishers, we will also have prizes for the best team and best individual costumes.

Sign up via Team up here and make sure you put your name and your partner’s name on the sign up sheet by the whiteboard.


A) Strength/Endurance
Front squat: 3 x
* Add 2.5 to 5kg from last week
* 10 seconds rest between triples
* 4 minutes rest between sets

B) Conditioning
In teams of two, alternating full rounds, complete 5 rounds each of:
10 Power cleans (50/35 kg)
15 Shoulder to Overhead (50/35 kg)
20 Alternating front rack reverse lunge (50/35 kg)
* Choose a load that will be challenging to complete the round unbroken