11 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: Disco Friday Version 2.0

Everyone loves Disco Friday, and for our MemberAppreciation Week, we're making it even better!

In addition to the tasty food, epic playlists, and spicy workout, for Disco Friday Version 2.0, we'll be rocking some fancy dress! It's time to don your favourite 70's and 80's workout gear.

The best dressed athlete in each class will get a free CF1864 t-shirt for their WOD wardrobe!


A) Conditioning & Breath Holds
4 x 4 minutes on : 2 minutes off, alternate between A1 and A2:

A1) Row for distance
* Nasal breathing only

5, 10, 15…
Wall ball (9/6 kg)
5, 10, 15...
Kettlebell swings (24/16 kg)
* Breathing no harder than G4

* At the end of each 4 minute interval perform 5 normal breaths followed by a max inhale hold.
* Time the length of each of these holds