14 Jan 2019 - Meet the Legends: Sarah 'Cuz' Maddock

On a crisp Saturday morning in the spring of 2015, CrossFit 1864 experienced two momentous events that would have a significant affect on the future of the box… The first was Josh Lah’s infamous calf cramp (and Coach Maria’s resulting fireman carry…), and the second was when Sarah Maddock (then, Forshaw), completed her first workout. We will never forget our chat with Sarah after that session, because what she said was by far and away one of the best things we have heard any new member say, and something that a coach will always want to hear from their athletes:

“This is something I know I want to get better at.”

And that is exactly what she did. Our dear Cuz puts in the work every time she comes in to the box and we are particularly impressed by the dedication she shows to working on her weaknesses, a dedication that has resulted in completing “Isabel” Rx!

By the way, are you planning on doing a 2km row any time soon? Then make sure you have Cuz nearby! Her Power 10’s are the stuff of Legend and are guaranteed to bring you at least a 10 second PB!

Now grab yourself a nice cup of tea, turn up your favourite Drake playlist, and let’s find out more about our next Legend of CrossFit 1864, Sarah ‘Cuz’ Maddock…

What do you do for a living? Reinsurance - essentially insurance of insurance companies. I know, wild right? But I do have some lovely views as I’m based in the Walkie Talkie. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what’s your favourite thing about it? I’ve been CrossFitting since 2015 along with my now husband Gareth and, even more recently, my brother-in-law Stuart and his wife Lauren. You weren’t going crazy… there are four Maddocks at the gym! My favourite thing about CrossFit are the great pals I’ve made. 

What is your biggest achievement since starting CrossFit? My biggest CrossFit achievement is being able to do more workouts at RX. I’m still working on my “Ship” time, but “Ship” and I have history. 

What are your present training goals? Present training goals are to remain injury-free, keep developing those nasty, yet vital, gymnastics skills, one day conquer Ship and carry on having fun with lovely people. I’m super competitive and love having some bants pre/post WOD. 

What’s the greatest pearl of wisdom you could offer to other CrossFitters, or those thinking about starting? Run your own race. Don’t get caught up on who’s doing what around you. It’s important to have bad workouts as well as the kick ass workouts. You can learn from your mistakes and set new goals for the next time you do it. 

What nickname did you have growing up, and why? My nickname growing up was Fo-Sho - my maiden name is Forshaw and well, it stuck even now I’m married!

Many people also refer to me as Cuz, but I’m NOT telling you why on here. You can ask Phil, Maria or Gareth at the next Box Social or in passing. Not my finest moment, put it that way. 

What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home? A stuffed ferret. We were staying in our friend’s cabin for skiing one year in Norway. We noticed the ferret and his mum said that she kept noticing meat she had been leaving out to defrost go missing. After weeks of not understanding the mystery, one day they found a trail of meat which led to the ferret, who is now a permanent member of the household :-)

What is your favourite sports movie? My favourite sports film of all time has to be Cool Runnings - especially the Junior mirror scene. I think we all have those moments, or is that just me! However, Rocky IV is a close second. You need to find your inner Rocky when you’re sat on the Dyne of death and doing it on repeat! 


A) Conditioning
From 00:00 to 10:00:
1 mile Run
Max reps in time remaining, Clean & Jerk (60/40 kg)

- Rest 3 minutes -

From 13:00 to 20:00 :
800m Run
Max reps in time remaining, Power Snatch (50/35 kg)

- Rest 3 minutes -

From 23:00 to 27:00
400m Run
Max reps in time remaining, Thruster (42.5/30 kg)