04 Jan 2019 - WOD


A) Gymnastics Tests
Handstand push-ups (or Push-ups): Max unbroken set
Toes to bar (or Hanging knee raise): Max unbroken set

B) Metabolic Assessment
Choose rower or assault bike:
* Every minute, increases your pace by 2RPM (bike) or 2 seconds (rower).
* For the 1st minute begin at an easy/moderate pace: Bike: 44/40 RPM; Rower: 1500m PB pace +6-10 seconds * Continue to increase your work rate every minute until you can no longer hold the assigned rate of work for the entire minute.
* Keep track of the following metrics
- When you shift to G2 breathing
- When you shift to G3 breathing
- When you shift to G4 breathing
- When you shift to G5 breathing
- When you finish