09 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: Beyond the Workout

For our third day of Member Appreciation Week, we are excited to host a new event, Beyond the Workout!

Taking place on Wednesday at 7.30 pm, you will get to spend quality time with our coaches and interns, developing two skills of your choice in a small group alongside your fellow athletes.

Beyond the Workout will be broken in to two parts, Session A and Session B, each lasting 25 minutes, giving you the opportunity to work on each of your chosen skills in detail.


A) Gymnastics Conditioning & Breath work
Every 3 minutes for 36 minutes:

First 12 minutes:
60 seconds of strict handstand push up & row in remaining time

Second 12 minutes:
60 seconds of strict muscle-up & 400m run

Third 12 minutes:
60 seconds of strict toes to bar & Row/Assault bike in remaining time

*Aim to stay breathing in G1 for the monostructural movements
*No higher than breathing in G3 for the gymnastics