10 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: WOD & Raffle

Thursday of our Member Appreciation Week couldn't be more simple.... all you need to do is show up!

Yep, you read that correctly, to get your name entered in to our raffle, all you need to do is show up at the box and do the WOD, easy peasy lemon squeezy! (actually, the WOD won't be that easy, but you understand what we're trying to say!)


A) Strength: Power Clean
15 minutes to establish a heavy 3 for the day
* Perform touch and go

B) Strength / Endurance: Power Clean Ladder
At % of above heavy 3:
Perform 10 reps at 75%
Perform 3 reps at 95%
Perform 15 reps at 70%
Perform 3 reps at 90%
Perform 20 reps at 65%
* Rest 2-3 minutes between sets