01 Mar 2019 - Open 19.2 Skills Prep


CrossFit Open 19.2 Skills Session

3 rounds:
1 minute run, row, bike, skip
10 Mountain climbers
10 Goblet squats (increasing weight)
15-30 second hollow hold

A) Gymnastics: Toes to bar practice

B) Clean Warm-up:
Complete 3 rounds:
3 Clean pull under
3 Hang clean (above the knee)
3 Hang clean (below the knee
3 Clean

C) Every minutes for 10-12 minutes, alternate between:
5-10 Toes to bar
1-3 Squat cleans
* Increase the loads on each round
* The load increases should be the same jumps you will make in the workout
* Remember, this is practice! Adjust the reps as necessary to ensure this session is ‘easy’ and skill-focused.