21 Mar 2019 - The Leaderboard after 19.4...

Congrats to our top athletes, Tom McDine, Victoria Mee, Felipe Palmeira, and Sarah Maddock, our Spirit of Open 19.4 winner, Eline Folkestadas, and the Top Team for 19.4, Team Los Locos! With one week to go, will anyone take the top overall spot from Team Drama Cleans??


A) Gymnastics Tests

Handstand push-ups (or Push-ups): Max unbroken set
Toes to bar (or Hanging knee raise): Max unbroken set

B) Metabolic Assessment

Choose rower or assault bike

* Every minute, increases your pace by 2RPM (bike) or 2 seconds (rower).
* For the first minute begin at an easy/moderate pace
- Bike: 44/40 RPM
- Rower: 1500m PB pace +6-10 seconds

* Continue to increase your work rate every minute until you can no longer hold the assigned rate of work for the entire minute
* Keep track of the following metrics
- When you shift to G2 breathing
- When you shift to G3 breathing
- When you shift to G4 breathing
- When you shift to G5 breathing
- When you finish