26 April 2019 - Disco Friday!

Marco warming up his dance moves for Disco Friday…

It’s Disco Friday and this month, it's all about Oly! Do you know the best way to re-fuel after an olympic lifting session? An Ole & Steen Cinnamon Social, of course!

Get ready for some serious lifting, some serious choonz, and of course, some serious snacks!


A) Weightlifting
Every 90 seconds for 9 minutes (6 sets):
1 Power snatch
1 Overhead squat
1 Hang snatch
* Use this primarily as skill work, focus on speed under the bar
* Increase load but not at the expense of technique

Immediately into:

Every minute for 6 minutes:
1 Hang snatch, building to a heavy single

- 2 minute rest/transition -

For time:
30 Snatch @ 80% of the heavy single