03 July 2019 - WOD


Gymnastics Test

Group 1 (w/ muscle-ups)
A) Strict muscle-up: Max rep set

Group 2 (No muscle-ups, w/ dips and pull-ups)
A) Strict, false grip chest to ring pull-ups: Max rep set
B) Strict ring dip: Max rep set

Group 3 (No dips/pull-ups)
A) Chin-over the bar hold: Max time
B) Top of the dip hold: Max time

B) Conditioning
CrossFit Open 19.1
15 minute AMRAP:
19 Wall balls (9/6 kg)
19 Calorie row

*No prescribed breathing gears BUT if you have learned anything when doing the breathwork: Down regulate when you can (row) and upregulate when needed (wall balls)....make the right choice.