18 July 2019 - Save the Date: Legends of CrossFit 1864 Summer Party


Come celebrate the Legends of Crossfit 1864 and the end of a beautiful summer! On Saturday 17 August from 3 pm, we'll be partying at Giant Robot in Canary Wharf and announcing our newest inductees to the Legends of CrossFit 1864.

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A) Conditioning
4 x 4 minutes on : 4 minute off, alternate between:
5 Handstand push-ups
10 Power snatch (42.5 / 30 kg)
15 Double unders

5 Chest to bar pull-ups
10 Power clean & jerk (42.5 / 30 kg)
15 Double unders
* Rx+: Deficit HSPU 4/2" & Bar muscle-ups

B) Cool-down & Breathwork
To be performed after a few minutes rest and where you breathing has recovered from the workout 6 minutes walk or very easy bike
* Take 10 breaths in/out through you nose, at the 10 breath exhale, hold your breath and continue to walk.
* When you need to breath exhale through the nose and count 10 more breaths then perform another hold...continue for 6 minutes