17 Aug 2019 - WOD


Saturday is our end of Summer party, time to celebrate the Legends of CrossFit 1864! From 3 pm, we'll be partying at Giant Robot in Canary Wharf and announcing our newest inductees to the 1864 hall of fame, we can’t wait to see you there!

Gymnastics Class

A) Flexibility
10 minute of work on:
Wrist push-up from bottom up
3-5 Skin the cat

B) Strength
4 x 3-5 Straddle to headstand
5 Sets of:
10 Handstand Push Up
10 Strict Pull Up

C) Midline
3 sets, rest 2-3 minutes between sets
30 second: Side plank rotations, left side
30 second: Side plank rotations, right side
30 second: Bear crawl
30 second: Hollow hold

Competition Class

A) Weightlifting - Snatch
Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes:1 rep @ 75% 1RM Snatch

B) Weightlifting - Power clean & Push jerk
Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes: 1 rep @ 75% 1RM C&J

C) Conditioning
For time:
800m Row
66 Double kettlebell shoulder-to-overhead, 16/12 kg
32ft Handstand walk

CrossFit Class

A) Conditioning
In teams of two, complete three rounds for time of:
800m Run (together)
80 Wall ball 9/6kg
80 Push-ups
*One person working at a time, split reps as needed
*Time cap: 35 minutes

B) Midline Funzies
With your partner, complete 3 rounds each of:
30 second: Wall ball sit-up to throw
30 second: Wall ball overhead throw
30 seconds: Wall ball throw with rotation, left side
30 seconds: Wall ball throw with rotation, right side