19 August 2019 - Join us on the Whole Life Challenge

Join us for the Whole Life Challenge, a 6 week challenge beginning on the 28th September to improve your life. Take a look at the video below to find out more about the challenge…

While everyone wants to look and feel better, it can be a challenge to know how or where to start. The Whole Life Challenge focuses you on the key areas of your life that produce real, life-long changes. Taking on this challenge together with your friends and family in a fun and motivating daily game, you’ll create new healthy habits that last long after the Whole Life Challenge comes to an end.

The Whole Life Challenge works by identifying the areas that almost everyone wants to change (nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, well-being, reflection) and then making a daily game out of creating new habits in each of those areas. The game is designed around the five key areas that every person can identify with.

Working together as Team CrossFit 1864, the Whole Life Challenge is basically a points-based game that challenges us to “try on” a whole life of health and fitness for eight weeks. 

With its three levels of participation – Performance, Lifestyle, and Kick-start – any one can find a way to make the The Whole Life Challenge work for them and see massive improvements in their health and fitness.

Register for the Challenge now to get the Early Registration Discount ($29), the challenge begins on the 28th September.

Register for the Whole Life Challenge here and make sure to join Team CrossFit 1864! 


A) Conditioning

6 x 1 minute : 2 minutes off
Row for calories (Or assault bike)
- This should be a near maximal effort each minute
- Breathing gears 1-5 (all gears!)

B) Gymnastics funzies

4-7 rounds for time of:
20ft Lunge, as fast as possible
After each round, perform for each step taken: 5 second L-Sit & 10 Double-unders