26 August 2019 - WOD

The Whole Life Challenge is a game that you play with your friends and family that has you focus on your daily habits for six weeks specifically in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and well-being. The purpose of the game is to help you create long-term, sustainable habit improvements that translate to changes in your body, confidence, outlook on life, health, and general well-being. It starts on September 28th just in time for the CrossFit Open!

So just for a minute consider something…

Knowing where you are today, what would have to happen in six-weeks for you to feel happy with your progress? 

What would a win be for you? Is it just getting unstuck? Or is it reclaiming your body, life, health, certainty, confidence - any or all of the above? How would that feel? What impact might that have on your life? 

Imagine your body after six weeks of daily focus in the WLC? How would it feel to have lost 10 lbs, reduced pants or dress sizes? 

That’s a serious possibility that's available to you by participating in the Whole Life Challenge. We’ll be on a team together, holding each other accountable in all the areas of the game (like nutrition, exercise, mobilization, hydration, wellness practices, for examples).

We have a sign-up sheet at the gym so you can put your name down and see all the other folks taking part, but for now, REGISTER HERE so you can officially join our team, CrossFit 1864.

You can also head over to the Whole Life Challenge website to find out more about the challenge.


A) Strength: Back Squat
Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (5 sets) perform 4 reps

*Start at a moderate load and build each set

B) Conditioning

1 minute: Muscle-ups (or dips)
1 minute: Dumbbell box step up (24/20 in) (30/22.5 kg)*
2 minutes: Muscle-ups (or dips)
2 minutes: Dumbbell box step up
3 minutes: Muscle-ups (or dips)
3 minutes: Dumbbell box step up

* Open standard: A single dumbbell held at shoulder height