02 Sept 2019 - The 2020 Open is Coming!

It’s that time of year again...which doesn't actually make sense as this is the first time the Open has been held in October, but ya’ll get me!

The 2020 CrossFit Open kicks off on 10 October. For those of you that do not know, the CrossFit Open is the glue that holds the three key aspects of CrossFit – the fitness, the community, and the competition – together. 

Once a week, for five weeks, CrossFit HQ will publish a workout. CrossFitters all over the world will have one week to do the workout and submit their scores with the creme de la creme qualifying for The CrossFit Games (but don’t worry about that!).

With both Rx and scaled workouts on offer, age, experience or ability are not a barrier to joining the fun. Really, the Open is not just about the workouts, or doing them “Rx”, or pushing yourself to hit PRs. Like CrossFit itself, the heart of the Open centres on building a healthy, supportive community through friendly competition.

Introducing ”The Nations”

We are proud of our diverse, multinational crew at CrossFit 1864 and for this Open, we're going to celebrate that! Each week, we will have a different nation (continent / region / country) as a theme. 

Our themes will be:

  • Week 1: Brazil, led by Kike & Lucas

  • Week 2: USA, led by David & Alice

  • Week 3: Ireland, led by Aoife, Conor & Daisy

  • Week 4: British, led by the whole coaching team

  • Week 5: End of the Open Carnival!: Everyone!

If you want to be involved in the ideas or planning for a particular week, please contact the coaches above, they would love some help and inspiration!

What do you need to do to be involved? It's simple, just turn up to the gym on Saturdays and be ready to hit the Open workout with the rest of the 1864 crew. You may also be required to bring some festive food, perhaps wear your best Brazilian outfit (we all have one, right?) or maybe find the best Irish game you can.⁣ As we get closer to the Open more details for the theme of each week will be released.

Those of you who want to register “officially” for the CrossFit Open can do so at games.crossfit.com. This year there is a new “Affiliate Leaderboard”, so why not sign-up and help get Team 1864 up as high as we can?!

And finally, the part everyone has been waiting for, our limited edition Open Swag! We have unisex t-shirts, female muscle tanks and YES, male muscle tanks! All come with a name of your choosing on the front and our kick ass Open/1864 logo on the back. T-shirts are £25 while muscle tanks are £23.

To pre-order please fill out the pre-order sheet found here, Please note that no orders will be accepted after 20th September.⁣

We can't wait for Open season!⁣


A) Strength / Conditioning
5 rounds:
Max rep push press @ 90% of 10RM Immediately into,
Max rep pull-ups
*Rest 3-5 minutes between rounds
*Rx+: Chest to bar pull-ups

B) Accessory
2-5 sets:
10/10 Lat stretch with rotation
10/10 Side plank with rotational reach
15/15 Single arm shoulder press w/ same side single leg balance